WJSN had an interview prior to the release of their new album “WJ Please?” on September 17.

Before announcing the details of WJSN’s comeback, their agency revealed, “Members Mei Qi and Xuan Yi will be busy with their promotions with the Chinese girl group Rocket Girls, and Cheng Xiao was unable to reschedule her prior engagements in China, so the three members have ended up being unable to participate in promotions for this [upcoming] album.”

During the interview, WJSN’s leader Exy said, “We are sad, and we do feel their missing presence too. But the Chinese members are trying to promote WJSN in China, and we are doing the same thing in Korea. So please don’t worry too much. I think our fans are the ones who are the saddest right now. We will try to make a comeback again very soon with all the members.”

She emphasized, “We are keeping in touch with the three members, and we’re asking each other if everyone’s all okay. We are trying very hard to fill in their missing presence. We’ve always had confidence because we were always together. But since it’s our first time making a comeback with only 10 members, we felt burdened. But we’ve had more discussions, more practice, and put in more effort. The members who are making a comeback worked harder than ever.”

She added, “Preparing for the comeback wasn’t the hardest thing. We missed the Chinese members too much, and that was the hardest thing to overcome. Maybe it’s because we’ve been apart for such a long time, we began to actually realize that they’re not here with us. We noticed their missing presence during small things like the teaser images photo shoot or while filming the music video. So we tried to cheer ourselves up during those times.”

WJSN will release their new album “WJ Please?” and the title track “SAVE ME SAVE YOU” on September 19, 6 p.m. KST. “SAVE ME SAVE YOU” is a a warm, mystical song that represents the whole album.

Watch their secret film below!

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