WJSN’s Yoo Yeonjung talked about how she felt while watching Mnet’s “Produce 48.”

On September 17, Yoo Yeonjung participated in an interview to discuss WJSN’s upcoming mini album “WJ Please?”

Yoo Yeonjung was a contestant on Mnet’s “Produce 101.” She was chosen as one of the top 11 finalists and promoted as a member of I.O.I before joining WJSN at Starship Entertainment.

She recently joined fellow I.O.I members at the live finale of “Produce 48,” and she showed her support for Starship Entertainment trainees Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin. In the end, Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin came in first and fifth place respectively, and are now members of the project group IZ*ONE.

Yoo Yeonjung said, “Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin were so popular and did a good job, so I expected them to have good results. Sure enough, they did really well and I was surprised. I saw my past flash before my eyes. It felt strange to look down at the stage as I.O.I and not as a trainee waiting [to hear] my ranking.”

Giving advice to her juniors, she continued, “Since they became meaningful and valuable members of IZ*ONE, I hope they’ll use their time wisely. I want to tell them that this time won’t ever come again, so they should enjoy themselves while promoting. I’ll continue to cheer them on.”

She added, “Seeing IZ*ONE reminded me of the past. I thought a lot about the past while watching season two and when I saw the parents crying on the screen as an I.O.I member during the live broadcast. But now that I’m in a position where I’m watching, I wonder how time passed by so quickly and I realized that I should use my time more wisely. It’s the same for these promotions. I thought that I always worked hard, but looking back, I feel like I should work harder and I feel very regretful. I’m going to work harder.”

WJSN’s mini album “WJ Please?” and title track “Save Me, Save You” will be released on September 19. Check out the teasers here!

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