On the KBS2 “Hello!” variety show that was broadcasted on October 29, guests Son Dam Bi, Park Bo Young and member of girl group “Hello Venus” Yooyoung got together to listen to some of the most bewildering stories the audience had.

That day, MC Kim Tae Kyoon asked Park Bo Young, “How does it feel to have a small head?” When the actress did not know how to respond, the audience laughed as Kim Tae Kyoon further on added, “It’s a feeling I will never get to have until I die.” Subsequently, MC Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Kyoon placed their heads side by side with Park Bo Young’s. As the two MCs are famous in the entertainment industry for having large heads, Park Bo Young’s head seemed much smaller.

Netizens who watched the show commented, “Looks like Park Bo Young’s head is going to disappear,” “I will become like them as well if I was to stand next to Park Bo Young,” and “So exactly how small is her face?”