Won Bin and Kang So Ra’s photo from the Basic House’s summer attire photo shoot is revealed and it’s becoming a hot issue.

Won Bin, the official model for the Basic House since last year, drew eyes with his unique strong charisma. Also, despite the fact that it’s her first photo shoot with Won Bin, Kang So Ra posed very confidently. 

Especially, the “Superior Appearance” of both models drew many eyes.

Netizens who saw this photo commented, “Can’t take my eyes off them,” “They really look good together as a couple,” and “Cannot wait to see them on the screen.”

In the first photo, Won Bin is wearing a white striped V-neck T-shirt and khaki green pants. Kang So Ra is wearing a white T-shirt with a huge print and short denim shorts.

In the second photo, Won Bin is wearing a dark gray T-shirt and light gray pants. Kang So Ra is wearing a light gray T-shirt layered with yellow and black pants.