Recently wed couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young have been revealed to have gone on a secret honeymoon.

On June 30, a source revealed to Star News that the pair recently came back from their honeymoon in Finland. The newlyweds got married on May 30 in an intimate wedding in Won Bin’s hometown. Apparently, they discreetly traveled to Finland earlier this month with a few other acquaintances.

At the time of their wedding, they had stated that their honeymoon would take place after finishing up some work. Known for their being very private, they didn’t inform many people about their honeymoon and were said to have enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Won Bin and Lee Na Young first started dating in 2012 and married after dating for around three years. While they were dating the couple kept their relationship discreet and avoided being spotted together in public.

They are currently spending their newlywed life in Bangbae-dong, Seoul and have not confirmed any upcoming projects as of yet.

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