In the midst of accepting and congratulating Won Bin and Lee Na Young‘s budding relationship, Netizens found childhood pictures that revealed the couple’s natural beauty to the internet community.

The pictures came with the caption “Celebrating Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s Relationship,” and features the combined graduation pictures of the two, likely from elementary school. Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s celebrity roots can be seen in the two youthful faces, which hold noticeably good-looking eyes, noses and lips. It’s as if these two were fated to be celebrities from the very beginning, with their small faces and distinct features.

Upon discovering this picture Netizens labeled Won Bin and Lee Na Young as “The Couple that Emerged from a Manhwa [Korean Comic Book],” along with comments of congratulations. Among their comments were “Won Bin and Lee Na Young, congratulations on hooking up!” “I totally accept this couple. No one else can follow their visuals,” and “I knew everyone would love these two together. They’re the best.”

You can see more news on their relationship here.

What do you think of their childhood picture? Can you see the celebrities waiting within?

wonbin lee na young baby pic