The movie “Mister (Ah Juh Shi)”, starring Won Bin, has climbed to the top to become this year’s number one box-office hit*.


Up until September 23rd, the last day of the Chuseok holiday, almost six million (5,902,742) people watched the movie, beating Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Inception”, which brought in 5,866,732 viewers. “Mister” was released in theaters on August 4th, later than “Inception”, which was released on July 21st.


“Mister” is the story of an ex-special agent, living his life as a recluse after losing his wife during an operation. However, he was able to open up to one person – a little girl living next door. One day, she gets kidnapped by a violent gang and he steps up to save her, as well as to punish and get revenge. Viewers had good reactions to the action-packed scenes and, of course, to Won Bin’s masculine charm highlighted by his acting.


Be sure to check out this movie!


*In South Korea


Source: Herald Biz