Actor Won Bin is the first Korean star to be the cover model for the famous French fashion magazine, “Officiel Homme.”

Won Bin traveled to Mana Island of Fiji last month for this photo shoot. Mana Island is one of the 330 islands that make up Fiji and is protected by UNESCO. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

As one of the celebrity representatives of UNICEF, Won Bin will donate all proceeds from this photo shoot to the non-proft organization. Although many fashion sources love Won Bin and although he is an actor who doesn’t participate in many fashion events or fashion photo shoots, he delightfully accepted this opportunity because it was for UNICEF.

According to sources, even the French correspondents from “Officiel Homme” highly praised Won Bin’s stunning looks.

In the magazine interview, Won Bin expressed a slight interest in Natalie Portman after watching “Black Swan.” He also said, “I want to travel the world and meet all the great people who are respected. In order to do so, I must have the ability to learn many different languages. I would like to do that and travel for about a month.”

Check out the photos below: