I just posted about Won Bin‘s new movie Ajusshi, but now the first trailer is out, and it looks pretty good. The story is rather straightforward, but Won Bin’s transformation into a hardened badass is pretty cool.

Information on the plot has been pretty scant till now, with his character simply described as a hermit who comes out into the world in order to help rescue a kidnapped girl. The trailer, however, really gets the dark thriller vibe across.

The trailer: The young girl is his neighbor and starts out by asking, “Ajusshi, are you really a gangster?” He asks the girl if he looks like a bad person to her, and she answers with a little laugh, “It’s just that it seems like jail would suit you.” The onscreen title reads, “They shouldn’t have messed with him” as he launches into a series of violent fights, and then adds, “His one and only friend…called him ajusshi.” Hence the significance of the title. As the trailer closes, he says, “Even if I find her…you two are dead.”

Ajusshi recently wrapped filming and will open in August.

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