Following top star couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s secret wedding, which took place almost a month ago, Won Bin’s father shared his thoughts on the occasion in a recent interview.

During an exclusive interview for the July issue of Woman DongA, Won Bin’s father, Kim Seok San, opened up on his son getting married and welcoming a new daughter-in-law to the family.

He shared, “I’m at ease knowing that my youngest son has found himself a match. It’s great news as a parent. How can I express it any other way? I can’t express it all in just words.”

When the reporter mentioned the fact of his daughter-in-law Lee Na Young being a very famous actress, Won Bin’s father said, “I have seen her a lot on television. I already knew who she was. I think she will continue to do well in the future.”

More details of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s private wedding can be found in the July issue of Woman DongA.

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