Won Bin is in the news again as his photo from 10 years ago resurfaces online. Local news agencies picked up on this photo, titled “Won Bin’s past” that recently circulated on online community boards.

The picture attracted interest for Won Bin’s good looks, even from 10 years ago. Netizens noted that in the photo, the A-list actor looked barely awake, unadorned and his hair seeming like he has just gotten out of bed. His dour expression, wearing a white tank also did not escape the notice of the netizens.

Those who have seen the pictures commented with “Such a hottie,” “His good looks are not changing, even after 100 years, I think he’ll remain perfect,” “Won Bin 10 years ago” and other such reactions.

Won Bin has yet to announce his new project, though he was once rumored to star in well-known scenarist Noh Hee Kyung’s winter drama, “The Wind Blows.”