Actor Wonbin’s wedding announcement has become of the greatest April Fools’ joke this year.

On April 1st, various online community boards and social networking sites read, “Wonbin Announces Wedding,” and instantly grabbed the attention of fans everywhere. What really surprised netizens was that these posts included articles of the actor’s marriage.

The included article read, “Wonbin will marry on April 31st. He revealed his wedding announcement yesterday. The bride is said to be six years younger than him and is in the modeling industry.”

Immediately, the actor became the most-searched star on many portal sites as fans frantically tried to confirm the news.

However, this turned out to be an April Fools’ Day joke because April 31st doesn’t actually exist. A fan is said to have photoshopped a fake article as a joke.

Netizens showed a variety of responses to the prank such as, “I really thought Wonbin was going to get married,” “Thank goodness it was just a joke,” and “This is one of the best April Fools’ jokes.”