The last episode of Mnet’s “Made In Wonder Girls” aired on October 1st. This episode gained attention because the girls dished on their ideal types.


This last episode showed Park Jin Young and the Wonder Girls in America, sharing a deep conversation for the first time in a long time. It was a heartwarming episode in which the girls also left moving messages for each other.

In terms of ideal types, the girls talked about Yubin saying, “She won’t date any guy who she doesn’t fall head over heels for. She likes guys who have a strong personality and are sentimental, like her father.” Park Jin Young commented on Ye Eun saying, “Interestingly enough, she doesn’t really have a fantasy about love. It’s funny how she looks for stability rather than the romance of love.” In response, Ye Eun shared, “I fantasize about the happiness that will come after marriage rather than the actual feeling of love.”


On the other hand, Park Jin Young revealed that out of all the members, “Sohee is the one who I’m most unsure about in terms of ideal types.” He added, “I think she’ll get married last.” However, the girls spoke differently. They dished on the matter saying, “That’s not true. We think Sohee will date a comedian. She likes guys who are funny but are also sensible and warm. She is the complete opposite of Hae Rim, who is okay with anybody who is good looking. For Sohee, it’s okay of he’s ugly as long as he has personality.”

Ye Eun made everyone laugh saying, “Sohee’s ideal type is someone like comedian Yoo Sae Yoon – he has musical sense, he’s funny, and he has his own individual style.” Meanwhile, the girls revealed their thoughts about Hae Rim saying that no matter what strange things a guy might do, she could forgive him as long as he has a good looking face. Hae Rim seemed to agree with this, making everybody burst into laughter.

So what do you think? Can YOU be the girls’ dream guy? ^_~

Source: BNT News via Daum