The Wonder Girls will have their own TV movie show on Teen Nick titled “Wonder Girls at the Apollo” starting from early next year, JYP Entertainment said in a press release today.

“JYP Entertainment and co-producer Nick Cannon’s company N’credible have agreed last week to air ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo’ through teen TV channel Teen Nick. The filming will begin in October with plans to air the first episode in the first quarter of 2012,” JYPE said in a statement released to the press.

It added, “Nick Cannon, better known as Mariah Carey’s husband in Korea, is the chairman of Teen Nick. He decided to lead this project because he set a high value on the Wonder Girls’ talent. It’s very uncommon for an Asian artist to be cast in the lead role for an American TV program, so many industry officials are following this news with great interest.”

The Wonder Girls will also release their U.S. debut album in time with the first episode of “Wonder Girls at the Apollo,” which is expected to air at least six total shows. “The Wonder Girls’ U.S. debut album will be in the form of a movie O.S.T. album for this show,” JYPE said.

Teen Nick, owned by Viacom/MTV Networks, has more than 70 million regular viewers. Other stars that made appearances in Teen Nick movies include Drake, Miranda Cosgrove, Keke Palmer, and Victoria Justice.