Girl group Wonder Girls revealed a group photo celebrating the 2,000 days since their debut. On August 1, they wrote on their official twitter, “The Wonder Girls were able to celebrate 2,000 days like this because we had our Wonderfuls. Truly, thank you! Thank you for WonderFul.” Along with the tweet, a group picture was attached.

In the photo, the members are looking towards the camera while all standing together in comfortable, everyday clothes. They particularly caught people’s attention because they showed off cute beauty even though they had no makeup on. Hyerim can be seen standing in the middle while holding a cake that celebrates their 2,000 days. Next to her are the other members, who all seem happy with some making a “V” with their fingers.

On this day, Sunye also tweeted, “Before I was even aware, I have been with the Wonderfuls for 2,000 days..Thank you. Thanks for everything!” She expressed her thankfulness to the fans through a tweet.

Netizens who saw the picture said, “Sohee took another photo with her eyes closed,” “Already 2,000 days?! Time goes by fast,” and “Wonder Girls, congratulations on your 2,000 days since debut.”