Wonder Girls revealed a couple pictures of themselves in beautiful white tube-top dresses via their official Twitter. In the picture revealed on April 11, all five members of Wonder Girls are wearing white dresses and standing on a staircase, posing like supermodels with hands on their hips, looking at the camera charismatically. Their beautiful legs revealed under the short mini-dresses instantly grab people’s attention.  

One can easily figure out that this picture was taken on the day of 2012 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards on March 31. Wonder Girls posted a different picture previously on April 3 in the same white dresses, this time in front of the big Kid’s Choice Awards logo. They commented, “And thank you all for voting! We had so much fun at KCA 2012! Thank you always for the love and support.” 

Fans and netizens commented on the photos, “they look pretty in mini dresses,” “it’s like a group shot of princesses,” “wow, Wonder Girls in fact are celebrities! So pretty,” and “I’m always cheering for you.”