The album cover and track list to the Wonder Girls’ upcoming US album “2 Different Tears” was revealed on itunes today. Aside from the title track “2 Different Tears”, the other songs are the
English versions of their previous hits or more remixes. The album will be released on May 16.  

1) 2 Different Tears
2) So Hot
3) Tell Me
4) Nobody
2 Different Tears Remix
6) Nobody Rainstone Remix
Nobody Jason Nevins Remix
8) 2 Different Tears (Korean)
2 Different Tears (Chinese)
10) 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
2 Different Tears (Instrumental)

After performing last weekend at Hollywood Bowl, the Wonder Girls are continuing the preparations for their upcoming album release. They will have an album launch event on May 15, which will be broadcast  live on USteam.  

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