Wonder Girls is the first Korean artist to perform at UN Headquarters for the “2012 UN Day Concert- Message of Peace.”

On October 24, Wonder Girls had the opportunity to put on a show in UN Headquarters in New York alongside well-known artists like Stevie Wonder, Sting and Paul Simon. They performed “Like Money” and also partnered with Stevie Wonder “What the World Needs Now is Love” and received much praise for the beautiful collaboration.

Yoobin commented regarding the opportunity, “It’s such an honor to be able to perform with Stevie Wonder at such a meaningful venue as I’ve been a long time fan. We’ll share the message of peace with Stevie Wonder.”

The Message of Peace concert focuses on various social topics like providing humanitarian aid, protecting gender equality and human rights, maintaining peace, protecting the environment, and fighting poverty.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls’s song “Like Money” has been reported to be playing in various Americans radio stations like “KDWB, WKQI, KBFF and WKSE.”