Wonder Girls’ member Sohee showed off her irreplaceable beautiful body.  

Recently, various pictures titled “Mesmerizing Sohee” have been posted on an online community board.

In the pictures, Sohee is lying in bed with a lovely smile and is wearing a black see-through outfit. Netizens were impressed with her clear skin, sharp jaw line, and perfect facial features.

With her dazzling legs exposed due to extra short shorts, Sohee’s sensual charms were hard to miss.

After seeing these pictures, Netizens praised, “There are plenty of cute idols nowadays but there is just something magical about Sohee,” “She would make a great fashion model,” “These pictures show her fresh charms,” “Her body looks amazing.”

Meanwhile, Sohee and the rest of the Wonder Girls’ members are planning to appear as special guests on “Jingle Ball Show” on  American radio show KIIS-FM this coming December.