Wonder Girl’s Sohee’s enviable body is the talk of the town in the cyber world. Recently, an online community released several pictures titled, “Sohee seen in America. This is what her unphotoshopped body looks like?”

In the pictures Sohee has straight long hair and is sitting down on a tall chair. She is wearing a sparkly top and lacy hot shorts. Somehow she managed to look both innocent and sexy at the same time

Even though the pictures are untouched Sohee shows off the highly coveted “11 line” legs. Whether she is sitting down or standing, her legs look amazing.

Netizens reacted with amazement and envy. “Does Sohee’s face have the ability to photoshop itself? She’s pretty.” “I am so jealous of her body.”

On Nov. 3rd the Wonder Girls will be having a concert in Indonesia and then continue their tour in Thailand and Vietnam.