Haven’t had a chance to catch the Wonder Girls on tour in the US? No problem! Mnet’s new reality program, Made in Wonder Girls will be showing behind the scenes of the girls during their Wonder World Tour.

In 2009, Mnet provided us with special behind the scenes for Wonder Girls’ first tour in Thailand and Korea as well as the JYP Tour concerts in the US. Now, Mnet will take every body behind the scenes of the girls’ first American tour as well as their promotions in Singapore and Indonesia.

Made in Wonder Girls will premier on July 30 at 6:00 PM (KST) on Mnet. It will feature the Wonder Girls, their staff and is being produced by Mark PD, who was the mastermind behind three seasons of MTV’s Wonder Girls.

Made in Wonder Girls will be Hyerim (Lim)’s first reality show since her addition to Wonder Girls. Also, be ready to see some sepcial appearances by JYP, 2PM and 2AM.


Credits- Kpoplive & PikeYenny2 @ youtube