Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun is drawing attention for laughing off a diss about her looks.

On March 1, a fan meeting event was held for Korean National Team soccer player, Ki Sung Yueng. A sports commentator by the name of Kim Dong Wan asked Ki about his ideal woman. Ki then answered that it was Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun and then the commentator replied, “I guess you don’t care about looks.”

Afterwards, many outraged fans and netizens spoke ill about the commentator. They left comments such as, “Is he saying that Ye Eun is ugly?” “He is delusional,” and “Ye Eun is too pretty for Ki Sung Yueng,” and more.

On March 1 Ye Eun posted on her Twitter, “I think he just said that as a joke so everyone just laugh it off~! Smile~” This caught the eye of many netizens for Ye Eun’s cool and composed manner. Netizens remarked, “Ye Eun, you truly have a big heart,” “I’m still upset,” and “Ye Eun unni, you’re so pretty,” and more.

Left: Ye Eun; Right: Ki Sung Yueng