Wonder Girls member, Yoobin, is garnering interest for her attendance at JYP workshop.

Yoobin posted two pictures on her Twitter with the caption: “Resting after JYP workshop’s athletic field day” on April 6.

In the revealed two pictures, Yoobin is wearing a hoodie but it is hard to believe that she just finishing exercising with her cleanliness. Netizens and fans who saw the girl group member’s Twitter post commented, “She looks like actress Lee Min Jung the way she put down her left hair a bit to cover her face.”

Yoobin’s JYP workshop nametag picture also cause the workshop itself to gain attention.

Netizens and fans further commented: “I am curious who else also attended JYP workshop,” “Yoobin’s beauty improved more. I see Lee Min Jung,” and “The workshop seems fun. I am jealous.”