Wonder Girls’ Yubin shared a photo she snapped of herself on her way to work.

On March 12, she tweeted, “It’s been a long time since I woke up this early. On my way to to filming with a refreshing heart,” and attached a photo.

In the photo, Yubin is seen in a car, smiling for the camera as she heads off to work. Dressed comfortably in casual street clothes, Yubin showed off her refreshed face, drawing attention with her flawless complexion. Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “She looks so beautiful and happy,” “Enjoying her drama,” “I wish I had her skin,” and more.

Meanwhile, Yubin made her acting debut through cable series, OCN’s “The Virus,” as the genius hacker Lee Joo Young. “The Virus” also stars Eom Ki Joon, Kim Hyun Woo, Park Min Woo, and Lee Ki Woo. The mystery thriller will follow the Special Infection Crisis Task Force as they struggle against a new virus that can kill humans in just three days.