There has been much attention raised after an incident of WonderGirls YeEun’s response to bashing has been revealed online.

Recently, there was a netizen who wrote on YeEun’s Twitter
saying, “I know y u girls can’t speak English. Most of ur non-Korean
fans r from 3rd world countries & can’t speak proper English

Find out how YeEun handled the bashing of this netizen.

The full conversation between the 2 on Twitter as shown below:

Fans who saw the conversation between the 2 commented,

  • “The bashing is uncalled for”
  • “I’m proud of YeEun”
  • “This is not a conversation between Ye Eun and her fan but between YeEun and an anti-fan”
  • “hhhh YeEun handled it right on…. yes!! ^^)g”
  • “Really cool Park YeEun”
  • “How can the quarrel between a public figure and an ordinary person be so beautified? Ye Eun did great”
  • “She is good at studying. And she is very tactful when it comes to
    daily situations like these… Really wise girl ㅋㅋcool… I think I’ve
    become her fan..”

    “YeEun’s my role model :)
    Apparently, the basher made a refutation on her Twitter profile against this YeEun bashing issue at her”

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