Woo Do Hwan recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about his resemblance to actors Seo Kang Joon and Ryu Jun Yeol.

The actor commented, “During an interview, I was told that I resemble Seo Kang Joon and Ryu Jun Yeol. I’m thankful. They are both actors I like.”

Woo Do Hwan continued, “Some actors feel uncomfortable hearing that they look like someone else. However, I think my job requires [hearing] other people’s perspectives and comments. It’s a job where I have to persuade viewers and audience members.”

The actor added, “I have to show acting that’s most satisfying [to watch], so I have to be able to sympathize with everyone. Whether it’s good or bad, I think it’s important to hear the opinions of others.”

Woo Do Hwan has been gaining attention and popularity after appearing on OCN’s “Save Me” and KBS’s “Mad Dog.” He concluded, “These days, I’m grateful and happy. I think it’s good that more people can see more of me in one drama and that I can convey a message to them.”

Check out “Mad Dog” starring Woo Do Hwan, Yoo Ji Tae, and Ryu Hwayoung at the link below!

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