Woollim Entertainment has shared an update about their legal action against malicious commenters. Below is the full statement they provided on January 29.

Hello. This is Woollim Entertainment.

Firstly, we would like to thank the fans for supporting and loving our Woollim Entertainment artists.

Last year on December 26, we had stated our plans to take legal action against online posts containing groundless libel, slander, sexual harrassment, and defamation against our artists. With the active cooperation of fans and our own monitoring of the internet, we have gathered and legally reviewed several posts containing groundless libel, sexual harrassment, slander, and defamation.

We have filed a lawsuit against those who have made groundless and malicious statements about our artists based on the “defamation (Article 311 of the Criminal Law)” and “groundless libel (Article 70, Clause 2 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection)” laws.

Moving forward, we will continue to gather more data and monitor the web to prevent any further harm. We will make every effort to protect our artists and continue to take strong legal action without negotiation.

We thank all of the fans for sending love and support to our artists, and we ask for your continued interest in the protection of the human rights of our artists.

Woollim Entertainment is home to artists INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, and JOO.

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