Woori Dul is a chair company who kicked off a concert to promote their new line of chairs. What a great way to kick things off is with this concert. 

The same place the Idol sports events occurred, right in the Gymnasium of Jamsil Sports complex. Although it was free, this event was a lottery so getting into this event was difficult for most people. It’s actually easier to pay some money than to get selected by lotteries out here, since you lose more than you can win. I can’t estimate, but most of the gym was full.

A highly eclectic mix of music genres made up this concert.
The list includes: 
MC Yoo Se Yoon  유세윤
Ri Ssang and Jung In 리쌍&정인 
IU 아이유
UKISS 유키스 
Kingston Rudi Ska 킹스턴루디스카


UKISS:  They performed 3 songs. These songs were Shut up, Man hi Man hi and Binguel Bingeul. Minus Kibum, NH did not disclose his absence for their performance. To the right of me were some fans that held up an ONLY 7 sign. What dedication, you know? Ukiss’s dancing was a very fierce and intense display of energy. I seriously can’t get enough of that pouding rhythm in Man hi Man hi ! Too bad they took “Shut up” a bit too literally and didn’t talk to the audience like the other groups that evening.

After a few reggae and hip hop groups, it was about time for IU. The MC and band asked who are you here for? Only one answer! Then they took a poll of what age groups were here to see her. Teens? Yes a huge group. 20s? This was another huge section. 30s? Is this what you really want to know?? Drumroll……..

You’re not alone! (Park Jung Min singing in background). The roar of the 30’s group was massive. It pretty much rivaled the teens. How did she get so many Oppa fans? At least I felt more comfortable.


Need some cute to light up thousands of smiles and of course the stage? No problem for IU!

It all started off with Good Day.  She arrived onto the stage, holding up pretty display of balloons, while displaying her unique charm to the crowd. The audience came to life shouting fan chants during segments of the song, repeating the choruses! Marshmallows started to float on the screen and you knew what was coming next.

One song that gets little attention is Boo, which was also performed as part of her 3 song set. It’s a cute rock that’s by the same producers as Gee (E-TRIBE).

Audio: I have to comment here. Like most Korean shows I’ve been to in Korea and America, the audio engineering is much left to be desired. Because It is a music show, I expect a bit more quality. Sponsored or paid, it’s important if you have paid engineers on the set to have better sound. I’m not just knocking this show but a multitude of other Korean shows I’ve been to and my overall experience with over 60 concerts I’ve been to. On the other hand, the Orange Caramel meet I went to the day after this made up for it, as the concert hall and engineering was a large improvement.

The problem was Good Day was that it was left sounding more like a cross between Snoop Dogg’s latest hit and one of those bass demo’s you buy to show off your newly installed subwoofers that you have in your rice rocket.  The bass kick of the drum took up 80% of the sound and IU’s sweet vocals let and the orchestration was practically gone. You don’t have to fork out a lot of money to turn down the bass knob. For the rest of the bands that evening, of course the same problem existed. Not hearing the guitarists over the drummer was disheartening.


The stage was ready to rock out! Only a handful left at the time these guys came out. I suppose the fans stayed because it was such a long day waiting, so might as well get the most of it? They played for the longest, which was a good solid hour. Their encore was 30 minutes alone.

Despite any truthful ramblings I had, I was happy to see IU and Ukiss perform at a non weekly TV broadcast and I look forward to more events such as these. Props to the organizers of the event for making a clean and safe environment for us all to enjoy!