JYJ‘s management company C-JeS Entertainment told press, “JYJ’s Junsu recently visited Los Angeles, USA and worked with SONY music‘s world-reknowned song writer Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer and filmed a music video with director Marc Klasfeld.” This is the second time Junsu has worked with the staff members in the US since the recording of JYJ Worldwide album in 2010.

Junsu commented, “Working in the states is fun and hard all at the same time. I am still very impressed by the system that allows the artist to think, reflect on himself, and bring out more emotions from within. Working with Bruce Vanderveer was especially energetic and I think we have a decent song.” He added, “Trying to act in front of numerous American staffs for the music video was a little embarrassing from time to time.”

Bruce Vanderveer has worked with many world-renowned pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis. He praised Junsu, “I’ve worked with numerous artists before. His talent measures up to that of any top-class vocalists and artists in the world. I want to tell all the American artists to watch out for him. His potentials are already above and beyond any A-class artist in the states. I am very happy to work with such a great artist and want to continue working with him in the future.” Music video director Marc Klasfeld also applauded Junsu, “He has beautiful eyes and is quick to react to any changes. He always leads everyone to enjoy their time working with him. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Meanwhile, Junsu will be finishing his Asian tour in Hong Kong on August 7. He will move onto World tour concert series in the United States, South America, and Europe in the fall.