Park Ji Yoon, who is recently gaining popularity through “Opera Star,” has revealed that singer/actor Rain used to be afraid of her in the past.

On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on March 13, Park Ji Yoon started off her story by saying, “One of the backdancers that stood on stage behind me is now the world star, Rain. He was always good at dancing and coming up with choreography.” At this, Boom, who is Rain’s senior from high school, revealed, “I think I saw Rain practice that certain choreography move behind the school building.”

Park Ji Yoon then continued, “At that time, Rain was afraid of me. I think it’s because I was pretty famous back then for the song, ‘Coming of Age.’ Also, I kind of have a cat-like face and a sharp image so it seemed like he felt uncomfortable around me.”

She went on to say, “Whenever we had a difficult couple dance during the performance, Rain was either too afraid or nervous that he couldn’t come close to me and he would purposely make big movements so he wouldn’t touch me.”

This story certainly brought the studio to laughter as they imagined a scared Rain.