X1‘s Kang Minhee turned his fans’ hearts to mush when he showed up in a brand new look!

kang minhee english man 5


He donned a classic nude suit with a ribbon blouse and glasses to match!



With his newly bleach blonde hair, he looked like an Englishman straight out of an British magazine!

kang minhee english man 2

kang minhee english man 11


Minhee also took the stage at The Show Champion in the same outfit and he took his visual power to a whole new level!


As Minhee greet the fans after their win, fans couldn’t get enough of his ethereal visuals!

kang minhee english man 7

kang minhee english man 8


It was a totally different look than the usual black hair that everyone was used to!

kang minhee english man 6


Netizens and fans couldn’t help but flood the comments with praise for his undeniable good looks!

“Yesssss He looks mixed like he’s half Korean and half Heaven, right…? Right…? He’s really so good looking. It’s my first time seeing an idol like this… god-given Minhee has a god-given physical”

“Kang Minhee’s aura is crazy these days”

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure Minhee would look good in blonde hair but looking at him now, I’m glad he did it”

“He catches your eyes so easily after going blonde since debuting with X1. He really looks like a prince.”

“He looks like a college class president who’s leading a protest in the 80’s… I’m not a fan but my phone is blowing up”

— K-Netizens


But what else would you expect from a drop dead gorgeous man like Kang Minhee?

kang minhee english man 9

kang minhee english man 10


Here’s to more visual legends by X1’s very own Kang Minhee!

kang minhee englishman