X1 arrived back in Seoul recently and a massive horde greeted them at the airport. Out of all the members, everyone noticed something special about Lee Hangyul‘s outfit!

hangyul seungyoun shirt 3


Lee Hangyul was dressed all in black from a black cap, black mask, and a black shirt.

hangyul seunyoun shirt 7


Fans noticed that his shirt had a photo of fellow member Cho Seungyoun right smack in the front!

hangyul seungyoun shirt 1


Cho Seungyoun’s face was smiling brightly as he did a finger heart in the graphic.

hangyul seungyoun shirt 2


Fans discovered that it was a couple shirt between Lee Hangyul and Cho Seungyoun. In the back it read, “Adult Respect”, and in the front it read “Co-Worker Cho” on Seungyoun’s shirt and “Co-Worker Lee” on the shirt with Hangyul’s face on it.

hangyul seunyoun shirt 5


Lee Hangyul boasted his love and respect for Seungyoun loud and proud by wearing the shirt in front of all the press and fans!

hangyul seunyoun shirt 6


Meanwhile, Seungyoun walked right behind Hangyul with a satisfied look on his face! It remains unclear if Seungyoun wore his couple shirt under his jacket or not!

cho seungyoun shirt hangyul


Long live this adorable bromance!

hangyul seunyoun shirt 9