With JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) just days ahead till his solo album release, it has been reported that Loen Entertainment has one-sidedly scrapped the plan to promote Junsu’s music. This has once again caused the controversy of JYJ’s promotion restrictions to spark again.

Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment posted a statement on their official homepage on July 9.

The statement started off with, “Since this past May, we have been communicating witih Loen Entertainment about the on/offline distribution of Junsu’s second album,” and “We had several meetings [with Loen] and sent over 50 emails that contained information about Junsu’s upcoming album. On July 2, one of Junsu’s tracks from the upcoming album, ‘11 AM‘ was officially released online and on international sales sites.”

It continued, “With Junsu’s album to be released on July 15, we were in the middle of working on the final marketing plan that will be executed on music portals. It consists of inviting Melon users to a showcase event.”

“However, on July 8, Loen Entertainment suddenly announced, ‘Following the decisions of the executive officials, we will distribute Junsu’s album but we will not go through with the marketing plan that was recently discussed. The showcase that will be held on July 15 will only be available on Loen TV and not Melon TV,’” it read.

“Loen Entertainment, who was in charge of the online and offline distributions, marketing and PR of Junsu’s second album, has nullified our agreement. This is an abuse of power and oppression. We are urging Loen Entertainment to carry on as promised and if the business negotiations are not carried out, we will be making a civil appeal to the Fair Trade Commision and fight for our legal rights,” it continued.

At this, Loen Entertainment made a response. On July 9, they spoke with Review Star and said, “The situation regarding Junsu’s second album marketing plan is not a finalized decision but just part of a process.”

They continued, “Junsu’s banner is still on our site and the marketing plan is still being discussed. The contract is just not yet finished.”

JYJ has been going through many hardships over the years regarding the legal battle with SM Entertainment. This resulted in them not being able to actively promote themselves on broadcast. Since then, they have only been appearing through TV dramas or other overseas activities.

However, after a long four years of legal battling, JYJ reached an agreement with SM Entertainment and was able to earn the freedom to appear on broadcast.

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