Actor Yang Dong Geun will stand on stage for American gospel.

Along with his partner, Jung Jun, Yang Dong Geun will head to Manhattan, New York to attend a gospel competition set to take place in the famous Apollo Theater later this month. The pair will leave for the event on March 17.

Known to be a devout Christian, Yang Dong Geun’s journey throughout the competition  will be recorded on film and later be made into a documentary movie. The motion picture will be directed by Kim Hwe Song and the tentative title is currently set as “Black Gospel.” The movie will show how Yang Dong Geun and Jung Jun prepares for their trip to America as well document the duo’s journey throughout the competitive competition on camera.

Yang Dong Geun is known to be a skilled actor and famous hip hop rapper. He has continually showcased his love for gospel hip hop with songs like, “Emmanuel.”

Fans who heard the news showed their support with comments like, “Yang Dong Geun is truly wonderful, from acting to dancing to rapping, there is nothing this person cannot do.” “Yang Dong Geun fighting!”  “He is a great singer too!” and “To the man who is great at rapping and acting, good luck.”