On April 28, Seoul Mapo District Police Station confirmed that a complaint was officially filed with the prosecution office regarding the building code violations made by a private building owned by Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment.

The complaint is based on the allegation that Yang Hyun Suk used this building for a different purpose than what its original permit allowed, which is a violation of the municipal building code.

The investigator in charge of the matter stated that the complaint was filed after all the alleged violations had been investigated. He provided more context around the investigation, stating, “Last year, orders for corrective action were issued from the Mapo District Police Station related to the illegal change of the building’s use, but because no corrections were made, charges were filed.”

Yang Hyun Suk was permitted as of April 2014 to use the basement and first to third floors of the building for public business purposes (e.g., restaurant), and the fourth to sixth floors for private housing. However, the third floor of the building was also being used as housing.

After receiving a report about the building’s change in use, the Mapo Police District confirmed the third floor was used as a residence based on the beds, sinks, and other living facilities present in September 2016. Subsequently, Yang Hyun Suk received two orders for corrective action last year, but because he did not make the necessary changes, the charges were officially filed with the police in December 2016. The complaint filed with the prosecution office on April 28 stems from those charges.

Yang Hyun Suk was said to have been summoned by the police for questioning on April 17 as part of the investigation on his building.

Yang Hyun Suk also released a public statement about the matter on April 28. He stated, “I did not have time to make the required changes because the charges were filed before I received the orders for corrective action. I will take the quickest course of action possible. All of the other penalized buildings in the Hongdae area have undergone corrections. I’m sorry.”

Previously, Yang Hyun Suk was also investigated in 2015 for violating the municipal building code while expanding the YG Entertainment building.

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