YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk spoke about WINNER‘s comeback and iKON‘s debut. The two groups have a huge number of fans despite their young careers, and they have been demanding why their comeback and debut have been slow.

About this, Yang Hyuk Suk said, “That’s not up to me. If they make good music that anyone can become happy listening to, I will let them show it off right away. But as of now, no work has come out that satisfies either me or themselves.”

He said, “Think about when BIGBANG was first born. G-Dragon said recently on a broadcast program that he wrote songs as if they were homework when he was a trainee. If a singer is going to come out in public and sing, they must be ready. If they carelessly produce songs while being chased by time, the singer’s longevity will inevitably shorten. This is why BIGBANG feels so much pain every time they release a new album.”

He then continued, “WINNER and iKON are both working very hard. In the past few months, they came to me with over 50 songs. I sent them all back. They’re still lacking that two percent. They themselves know that too. They will go through this process and grow through it. I’m very sorry to the fans who are waiting to see them, but I can say with confidence that the top of the mountain isn’t far off. When WINNER makes its comeback and iKON makes its debut, it will have been worth the wait, especially with the sweat that they put in.”

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