It’s already been 16 years since the top star Seo Taiji & Boys was disbanded. Yang Hyun Suk now works as the CEO of YG, one of the three largest entertainment agency companies in the country and as a judge in SBS TVK-Pop Star.” And he is finally making an appearance on a live show this Sunday for the first time in 16 years. 

He recently talked about how he felt, “I’m more nervous than those who try out for an audition. I’ve only worked on YG entertainment agency since Seo Taiji & Boys, and I was forgetting that I was actually a celebrity.”

Although he is always immersed in his work, he’s been especially busy these days. It’s because BIGBANG is having their first World Tour Concert, and Yang Hyun Suk himself is showing up on a live TV show.

His passion for making BIGBANG’s important World Tour Concert a success is still the same. On top of it, he splits up his limited time to prepare for “K-Pop Star.” Yang Hyun Suk spent much of his time brainstorming for ideas and getting ready for the program since years ago, and the program became a hit.

“K-Pop Star” is aired at the same time as KBS 2TVHappy Sunday-1 Night, 2 Days,” and its viewing rate is steadily rising. After switching to a live show, itwill continue to confront the new “1 Night, 2 Days,” which will have its members and staff changed.

“K-Pop Star” recorded a high viewing rate of about 17% even before it switched to go live. This Sunday variety show has had a threatening impact on “1 Night, 2 Days,” and those related to broadcast were awed by the program’s advance.

Yang Hyun Suk laughed and said, “Before I appeared on ‘K-Pop Star,’ people barely recognized me when I was wearing a cap, but now it’s completely different. As I felt the popularity of ‘K-Pop Star,’ I also realized that I was a celebrity.”