YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk‘s latest venture has so far been proven successful.

On June 5, Yang Hyun Suk opened a new restaurant called Three-way Butcher’s in the hip Hongdae area. A premium restaurant that specializes in pork, the new food venture is a product of YG Food, a collaboration between YG and Noh Hee Young, the ex-advisor of CJ‘s food sector.

Only weeks after opening, the restaurant has already met with great popularity among the public, as it is difficult to get in without a wait, and during peak time, the line is out the door and goes around the building.

The restaurant specializes in pork, as “professionals” select the ingredients and the menu for the patrons. They also have their own brand of beverages, which has garnered a lot of interest.

As adviser Noh Hee Young has helped CJ’s restaurant ventures like Bibigo go global, Yang Hyun Suk is hoping to take his restaurant brands global as well, as he continues to expand into the restaurant industry.

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