The nine members of UNI.T recently met with news outlet Star Today to talk about making their debut together after appearing on KBS’s idol rebooting project “The Unit.”

When asked how things have changed since the show and the group’s formation, Yang Jiwon replied, “I’ve become really busy. Before, I was just eating snacks in front of my TV but now I’m so busy that I don’t have time for that.” She added, “I don’t have to worry about living expenses anymore, I’m staying at a nice place and our fridge is always full. They always pick us up to get us to scheduled activities too.” She concluded by jokingly saying, “What I’m saying is, the amount of money I spend has gone down.”

Yang Jiwon smiled as she spoke more of the changes she’s experienced since the show as she said, “Through ‘The Unit,’ we had the opportunity to come up with our own performances and share our own ideas. Before the show, I didn’t have many friends in the industry, but through the show, I was able to make so many friends who have the same job as me.”

When asked what she would like to do when she gets her first salary for her UNI.T activities, Yang Jiwon shared an honest and realistic answer as she said, “I’d like to use it to increase the deposit on my house so I can lower my rent.”

UNI.T will be kicking off their activities as a group on May 18 with the release of their mini album “Line.” Check out the teasers if you haven’t already!

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