UNI.T’s Yang Jiwon, ZN, and Lee Suji shared their thoughts in an interview for BNT International.

The photo shoot was done with two concepts. In the first concept, the three girls showed a girlish charm with various patterns, such as lace and chiffon, on their outfits. In the second concept, they displayed chic charm and sexiness with over-sized jackets and wide cuff shirts.

After the photo shoot, the girls talked about their experiences on “The Unit” that heightens the anticipation for their promotion as UNI.T.

Concerning their debut album, Lee Suji revealed, “I thought we’d go out with a bright concept, but we got a mature song instead.” ZN added, “It’s a trendy song. It’s not bright and cute.”

When asked how they felt about being chosen to be part of UNI.T, ZN said, “After participating in both LABOUM and UNI.T, I realized there were many differences. The number of members, dorm life, and atmosphere are all different. I think it’s a blessing that I can be part of both groups at the same time, so I will do my best.” Lee Suji answered, “UNI.T is a team that I can trust and follow. I am certain that everything will go well as long a I do my part well.”

Yang Jiwon, who almost became part of T-ara and debuted as a member of SPICA, added, “Because I couldn’t promote as SPICA more, I had a lingering desire to be a singer. My passion burned up more after I talked with the writer of ‘The Unit’. I went for the challenge with the intention of just going for it and not avoiding it or being afraid.”

Lee Suji, who had previously been a member of The Ark, explained, “After debuting, I was growing tired of not having opportunities or experiences when I was coincidentally able to be in a drama. I did dream of acting, but when I actually started to do it, I was starting to regret that I may be losing my chance to be a singer. Even though I don’t like survival programs, I participated.”

All three members said they had no idea they would make it to the final team. Yang Jiwon said, “I didn’t know I would make it because I was falling without a break.” ZN added, “I was always in 12th or 13th place, so I thought I would just end like that. Then suddenly my name was called, and I thought my heart was about to drop.”

When asked about the most difficult experience during “The Unit,” Yang Jiwon replied, “It was the fulfilling of a sudden mission within a period of time. It was especially hard when I stood on stage every moment because I had come out when I had low self-esteem. I had to leave my experiences and activities as SPICA behind and return to being a rookie, so there were times when I felt sad. There are many times I miss SPICA.”

ZN remembered she had a hard time during the “Time To Shine” music video. She recalled, “For three days, I had to perfectly remember two choreographies, so I stayed up several nights. I had a mental breakdown because of the sudden interim evaluation.”

Following that, Lee Suji said, “As soon as I went on the mission stage, the hard preparations I made all day long turned into nothing. I felt happy every time I went on stage.”

The three members also talked about what they received through “The Unit.” Lee Suji shared, “I got  bold. No matter what happens, I know I’ll be okay.” ZN said, “I met a lot of good people.”

Towards the end, they said this year’s goal is to succeed as UNI.T. Yang Jiwon hoped, “It’d be great if we could be within the top 100 of the music charts, but it’d be nice to win first place as well.”

UNI.T will debut on May 17. The group includes Euijin from SONAMOO, Yebin from DIA, NC.A, Yoonjo, Lee Hyun Joo, Yang Jiwon, Woohee from Dal Shabet, ZN from LABOUM, and Lee Suji.

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