Actor Yang Se Jong recently sat down for an interview and discussed various aspects of his latest drama “Degree of Love.”

Yang Se Jong addressed the criticism about the drama’s script. He shared, “One of the reasons why I liked the script of ‘Degree of Love’ was because the characters’ conversations actually happen in real life. For example, couples may have a normal conversation like, ‘Did you eat?’ ‘Yes I did.’ Then suddenly, if one of them confesses ‘I love you,’ the other person will say, ‘What’s gotten into you?’ The script of ‘Degree of Love’ is exactly like that.” He added, “All the lines weren’t just read. There were natural emotions that followed with them, so we tried our best to act with those sentiments.”

Yang Se Jong was also asked about his teamwork with his co-star Seo Hyun Jin. He replied, “The chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin was very good. If our characters looked good together, it was all thanks to her. She has the ability to make herself seem like the character. That’s an innate [skill]. All throughout the drama, I saw her as Lee Hyun Soo, and thanks to that, I could focus as Ohn Jung Seon.”

The interviewer mentioned that his character Ohn Jung Seon chose Lee Hyun Soo instead of Ji Hong Ah (Jo Bo Ah). When asked who he would choose between the two as himself, Yang Se Jong chose Lee Hyun Soo.  He said, “I’ve never met someone like Lee Hyun Soo in my life. She’s grateful for the small things, and she’s even thankful for the things that aren’t thankful. She’s a woman who makes an effort to overcome any problems that come her way. If someone like Lee Hyun Soo appears in my life, I’ll choose love over work.”

When asked if his love method was similar to his character’s, the actor replied, “It’s different. There’s a huge difference between Yang Se Jong’s love method and Ohn Jung Seon’s love method. If there’s someone I love, I won’t ask if she’ll go out with me right away. I’ll question myself over and over again if my feelings of liking her are real. When I’m sure that my feelings for her aren’t wrong through the process of meeting up, talking, and getting to know each other, that’s when I’ll tell her that I love her.”

Watch “Degree of Love” below!

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