BEAST’s Yang Yoseob along with the rest of the members are busy preparing for their latest Japanese album.  As they travel back and forth from Japan to Korea, Yoseob continues to update fans during his busy schedule through his Twitter.  Here are some interesting posts he left over the past few days.

On June 12th he writes, “Arrival in Japan!  Hello.” Yoseob clearly revealed his whereabouts to readers of his current location.  Later on that day he leaves another Tweet with a photo of him lounging on a couch, “A little sleepy after rehearsal!”

Earlier today he continues the Tweeting frenzy with four more posts.  First he wishes his followers, “Good Morning~ ^^”.  Soon after he writes, “Scared, I’m scared..”  A few hours later he uploads a photo of one of his well-toned arms with what appears to be an autograph.  The caption for the picture reads, “Peace Man had tried to sign my arm.  I’ll sue!!!!!!”

After posting the selca of his flexed arm, many a fan girl began posting flattering comments in response.  To which it didn’t take Yoseob long to reply saying, Ah, yes my arm! Ke ke. The suspect of great biceps ke. Maybe he was jealous of an arm like this. ke ke ke. (laughs) Perhaps he has finished performing. Ke ke.