Yano Shiho has shared a sweet update with her daughter Choo Sarang!

On September 24, Yano Shiho shared a series of photos on her Instagram account with the caption, “I missed you. This is our first reunion in a while and it makes me so happy.” The photos show the mother and daughter duo lying in bed, as Yano Shiho showers Choo Sarang with kisses.

In a subsequent post, she talked about being back in Hawaii as she wrote, “It’s my first time time back in Hawaii in a while, and I spent the entire day cleaning up the house. But the beautiful sunset I saw when I looked up has washed away my fatigue.”

Yano Shiho previously opened up about moving to Hawaii to raise Sarang with Choo Sung Hoon and gave her reasonings of, “Education, time with family, and challenging oneself.” She has been flying back and forth between Hawaii and Japan to continue her career as a model while also raising Sarang in Hawaii.

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