The members of Wonder Girls have been keeping busy lately. The girls have not only been working on their American debut album, but a few have also been modeling on the side. The latest to have a pictorial is Ye Eun, who was seen featured in High Cut Korea. The pictorial was released on Sept. 15, via the magazine’s website.

High Cut focused on portraying Ye Eun as a “Wonderful Lady,” keeping her looks simple and elegant. Ye Eun exuded radiance wearing minimal makeup, lending to a slightly androgynous look for the pictorial. Simple backdrops of black and grey enhanced the ethereal quality of the photo shoot. She looked especially striking as a “cat lady.”  Ye Eun held a grey and white cat, emphasizing the luxurious fur jacket she was wearing. A perfect look for fall included a knitted tube dress, simple black bob, and red lips. Not only was it trendy, but incredibly chic and elegant!

It’s been a year and a half since the Wonder Girls’ “Two Different Tears” was released, and fans are excited not only for their American debut, but also a Korean comeback. The girls’ are planning to return to Korea in November to release a new single, prior to their American debut.