In the second episode of QTV “I’m Real: Yeo Jin Goo in Italy,” Yeo Jin Goo ran into tourists in the streets of Milan. Amongst the tourists, a woman greeted Yeo In Goo excitedly. She said, “I’ve watched ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘ in Ecuador. I’m a big fan of yours.” This lucky fan got a chance to take a picture with Yeo Jin Goo.

After taking a picture, the woman kissed her own hand and gently pressed the kissed hand on Yeo Jin Goo’s face. Totally caught off guard, Yeo Jin Goo kept stroking his own cheek. However, he was not offended by this excited fan. He turned to camera and asked, “I guess this is what Hallyu is like?” with a smile on his face.

QTV “I’m Real: Yeo Jin Goo in Italy” documents Yeo Jin Goo and his journey through Italy. The first episode of the show that aired on March 8 was the most watched TV show among metropolitan female viewers (above age 4) in the given time slot. Yeo Jin Goo’s surprise encounter with foreign fans in Italy will air on March 15 at 11pm KST.