Actor Yeo Jin Goo revealed his process for playing a character who suffers from mental illness in the film “Shoot My Heart.”

The director and actors gave a press conference about the production of “Shoot My Heart” on December 11 at Apgujeong CGV. Director Mun Je Yong participated along with actors Yeo Jin Goo, Yu Oh Seong, Kim Jung Tae, Kim Ki Cheon, and Park Doo Sik. Due to his current military service, lead actor Lee Min Ki could not attend.

“Shoot My Heart” is set in a mental hospital and tells the story of Su Myeong, the earnest model patient (played by Yeo Jin Goo), and ticking time bomb Seung Min (played by Lee Min Ki). Seung Min was forcibly committed to the institution without cause. He meets Su Myeong, his roommate of the same age, and persuades him to join his escape plan.

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In the film, Yeo Jin Goo plays the role of Su Myeong, who has been in and out of institutions several times due to trauma that he suffered as a child. Su Myeong has a timid personality and even suffers from phobia of scissors, but he is now a model patient after six years in the hospital. When he meets Seung Min, he starts to think about his dreams and imagine a real future.

At the press conference, Yeo Jin Goo reflected, “Since Su Myeong suffers from mental illness, I had to show this aspect of the character from early in the film. It was difficult to find material for this role. Video footage was scarce and I had many worries.”

Yeo Jin Goo expressed his thanks for assistance with the part, saying, “The director and others involved with the film called up nurses who had actually worked in mental hospitals. Because the director has seen so many films, he recommended various sources to me.” He added, “He recommended such a large number of films that I was unable to see them all,” a comment that drew laughter from the audience.

“Shoot My Heart” is based on the novel of the same name by Jeong Yu Jeong. It will be released in January 2015.