One of today’s hottest child actors and the director behind the hit “High Kick” series will join hands on a new sitcom. Is this a match made in heaven?

On July 10, a representative from cable channel tvN stated, “It’s been confirmed that Yeo Jin Gu is cast in the master of sitcom director Kim Byung Wook’s daily sitcom ‘Potato That Resembles Sweet Potato 2013QR3.’ Through ‘Moon That Embraces The Sun,’ he moved the audience to tears and laughter. Please watch how he’ll shine through his first sitcom.”

He will take on the character Hong Hye Sung, who is a computer programmer that dreams to be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Regarding the interesting sitcom title, director Kim Byung Wook commented, “‘2013QR3’ [shortened] expresses the planting of a serial number on a newly found planet in astronomy. The sitcom will include interesting references from astronomy.”

The director continued, “It was mentioned in the beginning, but this project is not a continuation of the ‘High Kick’ series.”

The daily sitcom will have 120 episodes and will start filming in August after finalizing the cast. It aims for a September broadcast.