Yesung of Super Junior sheds tears in reminiscing of his father.

On the August 30th episode of SBS’ “Strong Heart,” Yesung spoke up about his father, saying, “I didn’t like my father very much.”

Yesung said, “He was too strict to the point where it drove me to think, ‘Do I even have affection towards my father?’” and “His image was very similar to senior Choi Min Soo. That’s why I didn’t even watch the drama ‘Hourglass.’”

He continued on by saying, “When coming up to Seoul to achieve my dreams of becoming a singer, even then my father was very against it. He didn’t even let me listen to music in general” and also explained that it was hard to be close to him due to the lack of conversation they carried. In the moment while Yesung spoke, he became overwhelmed with emotions, causing him to show tears in the end.

And when he was in about his 3rd year after making a debut through Super Junior, he noticed one day that he had over 50 missed calls from his mother. It turned out that his father had to receive immediate blood transfusion when he was injured. In making his way down to Chunahn where his parents resided despite having a schedule, Yesung began to go into deep thoughts.

Yesung said, “When I arrived in Chunahn, I found out that my father’s three fingers were pulled in inside the machinery he was working with” and “The time was too late then, so no one was able to hear my father’s screams as it was over an hour that my father’s fingers were stuck inside the machinery. It hurt so much in seeing him like this.”

From then on, Yesung decided to make time in order for him to be able to approach his parents.

“It was hard for them to find new jobs since they were growing older,” Yesung said. He continued on by saying, “Having them find new jobs was a stretch, so I had them move up to Seoul. I ended up setting up a coffee shop that they could work in with my younger sibling.”

When asked about his father’s current state, Yesung responded, “It was a huge accident and to this day his fingers aren’t fully recovered” and “I’m speaking more with my father and now he’s like an older brother to me. When I was younger, I didn’t know my father was this innocent and full of aegyo. I’m truly happy.”

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Source: Newsen via Nate