Yewon revealed that she has gotten work done on her nose on the latest episode of “We Got Married.”

On the June 6 broadcast on the show, Yewon and her virtual husband Henry went to a fortuneteller while enjoying a date in Hongdae.

When the fortuneteller told Henry, “It’s a shame your nose is a little hooked,” Yewon asked about her nose. When the fortuneteller asked her, “Didn’t you already get [surgery] done?” Yewon admitted that she has gotten work done on her nose.

Henry, taken aback at her sudden confession, asked her, “You got plastic surgery on your nose?” Then Yewon, who realized what she has just said, shyly answered, “Just a little, I got a very minor work done.”

She also humorously added, “I’m planning on getting more done. Just something small, on the tip of my nose.”

yewon nose job we got married

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