YG Entertainment‘s actor division unveiled 5 new rookies as they prepare to make a debut in 2020! The agency unveiled each of the beautiful actors through their Instagram, where they uploaded photos and videos of their daily lives and profile photoshoot!


First up was actor Kang Hui! Boasting a tall, lean figure, he literally looked like he just walked out of a webtoon! Along with his tall build, his everyday photos proved that he has a heart of gold with the most adorable personality!

yg rookie actors 2020 1

yg rookie actors 2020 2


Actress Lee Jini was introduced to the world, who also boasted a tall, lean figure beyond regular proportions! She has the perfect blend of sexy, cute, and girly all at the same time.

yg rookie actors 2020 3

yg rookie actors 2020 4


Lee Ki Taek was the second male actor to be unveiled. He’s already begun winning over hearts with his charismatic smiles and artistic moods!

yg rookie actors 2020 5

yg rookie actors 2020 6


YG introduced Jo Hye Joo as a “rising star” who’s full of passion and hard work! From her photos, she already seemed to be the perfect fit for another quirky yet adorable female lead!

yg rookie actors 2020 7

yg rookie actors 2020 8


Lastly, actress Nam Kyu Hee was introduced. With her adorable facial features, she’d do well debuting as an idol too! YG described her as someone who’d knock at your heart with her lovely charms.

yg actors rookie 2020

yg rookie actors 2020 9


With such stellar, good-looking group of rookies, YG Family is ready to take on the new year not just in music but in acting as well!

yg actors rookies